Back when Mozzy started popping, I remember a lot of gangster rap artists were scratching their heads wondering how he was doing it. Talking about the same stuff they apparently talked about. In a sense, he did kind of save gangster rap. At least on the west coast.  It was clear as day as to how he was able to brand himself. He wasn’t just branding himself as a gang member, he was branding himself as a “shooter“. Mozzy’s whole verse on Nipsey Hustle’s “Aint Hard Enough was basically about gunplay.

Bladadah, 1UpTopAhk, Shootergang, etc all go along with his brand. A lot of artists were frustrated as to how Mozzy was succeeding and they weren’t. He saw a lane in underground music and took it. Branding is about standing out and being different from others. If it seems like everybody around you is doing the same thing, you have to do something different. Even if it’s not a big change. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not possible to succeed as an artist, if you put in the work and do something different.

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