Having dope artwork to grab people’s attention for your releases is a must. Thanks to new a.i. technology, you can save money hiring a graphic artist and create art simply by describing what you want to see. The a.i transforms your words into unique images. It’s available now on iphone and android. I’ve used it to make the artwork for my latest beat tapes. I also use design templates to add dope text to match the album/single cover. All you do is pick a customizable album template, upload your artwork, and change the text.

The app that I use to create the art and the website that I use for album design templates are linked below.



Starryai is a free AI creation app that lets you create uniquely beautiful artwork with just your phone and the touch of a button. Let this app take care of all the hard stuff and relax as you watch new images appear right before your eyes. You can even take advantage of daily credits to get five new images generated each day without any watermarks. Download now to start creating something new!




PosterMyWall is a website that offers over 200+ customizable design templates you can use to create your own posters and flyers. Their easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows you to choose from preset design elements like fonts, photos, shapes, patterns and more. You can then customize these elements using their simple slider system. After creating your masterpiece, simply save it to your computer.

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