You may think you’re a natural at sales, but have you ever had any sales training? Just because you sold some candy in high school or a few bootleg CD’s back in the day doesn’t mean you actually know the psychology of selling.

You’re in the Problem-Solving Business

When it comes to sales, you’re in the problem-solving business. That’s what you do for a living, and it doesn’t matter whether you sell B2B or B2C. Your job is to solve problems for your customers by providing them with solutions that make their lives easier, better, or more fun. Asking questions about the customer’s problem will help you understand what they want from you, so make sure your asking questions!

All good salespeople are also great listeners—listening enables us to learn about our clients’ needs and wants so we can provide them with solutions that meet their goals as well as ours. Asking questions allows us to uncover hidden needs (or unmet existing ones), demonstrate how our beats or services meet those needs, and ultimately make more money. There’s always an opportunity to make money when you’re so good at solving people’s problems.

Empathize and Solve Their Problems

You need to know the problems they’re facing and how you can solve those problems—and not just the ones they’ve told you about. Do they need help with mixing and mastering, marketing, or a personal issue at home that you can relate to?

The only way to find out is by empathizing with your customers. If you can put yourself in their shoes, it will be much easier for them to trust that your solution will work for them as well.

Make Them Want What You Have

>How do you make a prospect want what you have?

>The key is to show them how your product will solve their problems, not just how it’s different from the competition.

>This is something that applies to anything you sell. Let’s say you’re selling a light bulb, for example, your prospects don’t care about the number of times per second it can change colors. They care about whether or not it’ll last longer than their current light bulb. Some artists won’t care about having the trackout stems to a beat. They just want to be able to make a song, promote it, and build their fan base.

Focus on solutions, not selling

You are not just selling beats. You are solving problems for artists. Focus on how your beats or expertise solve their problems and make their lives better, not solely on selling just any beat to any artist.

People don’t spend money on things they don’t believe will improve their lives in some way—and if you’re selling something that doesn’t solve any problems for them at all (like an old computer or a broken car), then no one’s going to pay for it!

When people see an ad in the newspaper or online, they ask themselves three questions: “Why?” “How?” And “What?” Why should I buy this? How will this help me? What will happen if I do? If you have an answer to these questions when talking with potential customers, then you’ll be able to sell effectively while being honest about what they’re getting out of buying from you instead of someone else!

Final Thoughts

You can sell anything to anyone if you have the right solution to their problem. Be confident, be respectful, and understand that it’s about the customers – not you. Once you get this down, every interaction will be productive!

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